Thursday, April 26, 2012


Dad & I at Cobh Railway Station
In April of 1994 Mom, Dad & I went to Ireland.   We visited the old family farm of Mom’s mother in Shronebeha near Banteer.  Among the relatives who went with us that day was a young boy, Owen (not sure of the spelling, but that’s how it was pronounced).

Owen was telling Mom about his school.  I guess he was about in the 1st grade.

Mom asked him, “Is your school all boys or are there girls too?”

His reply, in a (to us) thick Irish accent was, “Tismixt.”

Mom, Dad & I looked at each other with confusion and astonishment.  What did that mean!?  Was that Gaelic?

Mom replied, “You mean just boys?”

“No,” Owen assured us, “tismixt.”

Well, this conversation wasn’t going anywhere, so Mom changed the subject.

Later that day we left Banteer and headed to Cork City.  As we were driving along, Mom suddenly said, “It is mixed!”

Dad & I had no idea what she was talking about.

“That’s what Owen was saying.” she explained, “Tismixt.  'tis mixed.  It is mixed.  His school has both boys and girls.”

Mom solves another mystery!

Shronebeha is at the teardrop "A"

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  1. Nice story,Tom. Is it really nearly 20 years ago? Was in London last weekand and thinking about that visit. Had a tour of Houses of Parliament, very interesting.
    Jim Cahalane