Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Edgewood - 1955 to 1965


  1. enjoyed your trip around the old platt i grew up at 825 Westhafer rd. Thanks for posting
    Kenny Morton

  2. Thanks Tom I am sharing this for my friends and classmates that grew up in Edgewood. Thanks for posting
    Becky Eck

  3. Very cool Tom - i lived at 715 Spartan (saw my old house), next to the Tripletts from 1958, when I was born, until 1973 when we moved to Little York Rd.
    Tim Zula

  4. Hey Tom, a good friend of mine lived in your old house on Spartan from '70 to the early '80s - Carl Settle. His Dad and him did roofing work for years. Now he has a home improvement/roofing business (Carl's Home Improvement) on Old Springfield at 75. The middle bld of those three white buildings on the north side of the rd just east of 75 in the curve there.
    Alex B Clark

  5. Hi Tom, Thanks for the trip through the plat. You also showed our house (Faber's) on the corner of Colebrook & Spartan across from Triplett's. I was the same class as Melvin, Mike Moore, Lena Carpenter, Debbie Middleton. What a trip down memory lane!! I'd forgotten about the movies and the donkeyball games! We moved there in 1958 and were there until my Dad died in 1968. I didn't know David Bryant was killed in Vietnam -- Ella and I used to hang out together sometimes.