Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Butler High School Directory

During the 66-67 school year the Class of '67 made and sold a Student Directory as a fund raiser (click image for a high resolution view).

Here is a scan of the page my name was on.  When I recieved my copy I was dismayed to find that my phone number was wrong!  At that time our number was 898-2246.  So I want to take this moment to apologize to all the Butler girls who tried to call me during these days (and I know that was most of you!).  I wasn't ignoring you.  It was the fault of the Class of '67!  And really girls, you have no one to blame but yourself - my address was right so you could have come over.

I remember a day shortly after I had gotten this, my cousin (Beavercreek HS) and a good friend (West Carrolton HS) saw it in my room.  Both of them were really excited.  My cousin said, "It's better than a 'little black book'!"  My friend agreed with him, "You mean you've got the phone number of every girl at your school?  Oh my gosh, what I wouldn't give for that!"

After this, every time we were out in Vandalia and saw a good-looking female Butler student (in other words - any Butler co-ed!) as soon as we got back to my home they would rush to look her up in it .  Neither of them every had the nerve to call anyone though.

Page containing Scott McKnight's name as requested by his brother, Bruce McKnight.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I was in the class of '67 and remember this. There's no way we could have one of these today, due to the privacy act. Things were simpler then. Sorry your number was incorrect! LOL!
    Sue Smith Dunlap

  2. If it isn't too much trouble, could you scan the page that has my brother's name on it and post it on the Vandalia facebook page? His name is Scott McKnight. Thanks. - Bruce McKnight