Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vandalia, Ohio - 1954

This is the 1954 Vandalia-Butler Phone Book put together by the Chamber of Commerce.  We moved to Vandalia (751 Spartan Avenue) in May of 1955.

These are a number of photos that were in the book.  Click on the pictures to see a much larger version.

Everyone probably remembers the trapshoot.
Lots of us had our first job here.

ATA HQ - National Road at Helke Road
The Airline Shopping Center
In the early 60's my Mom worked as a beautician at the Cut 'n' Curl -
the second floor windows with awnings on the left.
Dayton Airport in Vandalia
Butler Township

Vandalia Town


  1. My first thought looking at those Tom was "where are all the houses?"... and the "proposed" continuation of US25...wow....
    Mark Silver

  2. Wow!! Talk about a blast from the past. !! I did the Trapshoot also 1970. - 72 .. Great times!!

  3. Tom, I moved to Vandalia in 1955 ! 815 Spartan Ave. Started my freshman year and graduated in 1959. Vandalia was a great place to be, for a teenager. I live in the 1000 Islands of NY. Little resort town, Clayton.
    Lots of good memories in Vandalia. Good and bad !!! LOL !!! Jim Cencebaugh

  4. One thing that I noticed on these pictures is that the Butler Township map of Vandalia, says that in 1953 the street that I grew up on is called "Arcadia Ave" and when my parents bought the home brand new in like 1955 it was and is called Marview Ave. Mom said she never heard it called Arcadia Ave. Hmmmm.
    Carol Boyce

  5. Does anyone have a picture(s) of the airport when all the projects were there? If so, please share with me. I would appreciate pictures, maps, etc.
    Cheryl Bricker Younce

  6. We used to enjoy going to that restaurant at the left en, for late night greasy cheeseburger. Missed going there after it closed.
    Richard Cope

  7. So cool! Brown School Rd. only went to poplar creek rd. so many changes
    Karen Collins